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Attack on Titan inspired Face and Body Makeup

If you can dress up, cosplay and portray one of the Attack on Titan character, who would it be?

Quiccs x Adidas GAA Heartthrob NANOTEQ, 'cause Girls Are Awesome!

Quiccs has just unveiled the new nanoTEQ he's working on, in collaboration with the Three Stripes Brand Adidas

The new Quiccs x Adidas collaboration features the new Quiccs NanoTEQ figure that is inspired by Girls Are Awesome Adidas Superstars. This is the 3rd collab piece with Adidas from the Pinoy Artist. This GAA Heartthrob pack is more limited that the previous release according to Quiccs. Expect that everyone in the BulletPunkt Network and Adidas community are eyeing on this release. 

Girls Are Heartthrob Superstar Pack