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Attack on Titan inspired Face and Body Makeup

If you can dress up, cosplay and portray one of the Attack on Titan character, who would it be?

Restock Alert: UnMasked IronMan Funko Pop! The Captain America: Civil War Funko Pop is back

The Captain America: Civil War - Unmasked Iron Man Pop! from Funko is now available again in Popcultcha site for preorder with an ETA of October 2020

This classic Funko Pop Ironman was based from the Captain America movie Civil War and was first released by the toy company back in 2015. After 5 years the unmasked version makes its return and will be offered in the current retail price.

The Captain America: Civil War - Unmasked Iron Man Pop! numbered 136, features Tony Stark in Iron Man suit with his face piece lifted. It was the time when the Avengers were divided into two. Team IronMan vs. Team Captain America. You know how this division ended just because of the work of one man.

Time to add it to you collection in case you don't have it yet, or the one in hand is already no longer in good condition.

Will Funko re-issue the other Avengers from this movie? Can you name the Iron Man he's wearing on this Funko Pop figure?