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Attack on Titan inspired Face and Body Makeup

If you can dress up, cosplay and portray one of the Attack on Titan character, who would it be?

McDonald's Funko Pop is finally here

Fast food giant McDonald's, the brand with a golden "M" arch is finally getting it's own Funko Pop Ad icon. 

The Funko Pop McDonald's Ad Icon is finally here. The initial set includes Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Hamburglar, Mayor McCheese, and Officer Mac.

McDonald's Funko Pop Figures

McDonald's Funko Pop Ad Icons
  • Funko Pop Ad Icons Ronald McDonald
  • Funko Pop Ad Icons Grimace
  • Funko Pop Ad Icons Hamburglar
  • Funko Pop Ad Icons Mayor McCheese
  • Funko Pop Ad Icons Officer Mac
You may now order your McDonald's Funko Pop Figures in the Philippines via their local retailers:
  • Filbars
  • BigBoys Toy Store
  • GeeksPH
  • Hobbiestock
Each McDonald's Funko vinyl figure retails for PHP 650.00

There are still missing McDonald's characters that are still not of this wave. Can you name the ones that are missing?