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Attack on Titan inspired Face and Body Makeup

If you can dress up, cosplay and portray one of the Attack on Titan character, who would it be?

EggFiasco and Quiccs Limited Edition 6-inch EGGTEQ releases via surprise drop today

Pinoy Art Toy creators Quiccs and Egg Fiasco crosspaths again with their latest collaboration on EGG TEQ which is now in 6-inch format and released in limited numbers

EGG TEQ's body and frame is still a TEQ63 resin but the primate head was designed and sculpted by Egg Fiasco himself with his famous mad Monkey creations making this crossover a unique piece of art worth collecting. 

The EGGTEQ stands at 6-inches which arms and head are articulated and is limited to 99 pieces only. 

6-inch EGGTEQ Resin Figure by EggFiasco and Quiccs

This 6-inch EGGTEQ retails for $150 USD and was officially release in Hidden Fortress site, and will be shipped by November to December of this year. It went live at around 10PM Manila, today 9/27, but got sold out in just minutes.